Western District

Street Address: 1034 N. Mount Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
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Phone: 410-396-2477
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1826 - Western District History - The Western District was first located at Green St between Baltimore St, and Belvidere St. Used from 1826 until 1876 when they moved to their new location, Pine Street, (still stands to day and is used by the Maryland University Police) Baltimore Police used it from 1876 until 1958/9 when they built their new station house at 1034 N Mount St, which is the current site on the Western District.  
Sunpaper photographer Lloyd Pearson  Date September 26, 1973

The Officers with the Shotguns are P/O Larry Lorenzo and P/O Ken Patrick - The Sun reports - Members of the Police Department's new shotgun squad, and a canine Officer Mitch Paris leave the vacant House of the Good Shepherd on Franklin Street after an unsuccessful search for trespasser who fired a shot at Patrolman Scott Garrity. The unit is expected to cut down on the increased number of gun assaults on police officers throughout the city. This unit was also put together to help prevent bank robberies by doing bank checks while armed with Shotguns and wearing bullet proof vests. Normally they would run around in plain clothes on day shift for 30 days (Squad-A) while the other Squad, "B" would be in uniform taking calls on the 4x12 in that "expanded area"  known as "Sector 6" Central.  Every month they'd switch. Each district had their own squad/unit made up of District Operations Officers.  One day, the powers above, felt that they had to do something about the bank holdups that were occurring downtown and came up with the idea of having the Daytime Operations guys: "Squad-A" stay in uniform and carry shotguns while parading around doing random "Bank Checks".  We were tagged as "The Shotgun Squad".. who's basic job was to put a 'show of force' on the street to serve as a deterrent to would-be bank robbers.  Squad A (dayshift Ops) got to do that for most of the spring and summer as I recall; leaving Squad B  to do their uniform thing on 4x12 taking calls.  Some say the "The Shotgun Squad" was thought to be an effective "PR" too in certain respects...



Capt Cassell

Courtesy Robert M. Cassell
William H. Cassell, Captain of Police
The Police Board of 1867 appointed  Mr. W. H. Cassell, Captain of the (Western) district.
"He was an old and efficient policeman having been Captain of Police under earlier regimes.
After a few months Captain Cassell resigned'"



The Western District borders five districts (Southern, Central, Northwestern, Northern, Southwestern) and is comprised of several historic neighborhoods, such as Sandtown/Winchester, Poppleton, Penn-North and Druid Hill. The Western District was also once home to Edgar Allen Poe and is where the Poe Homes are now located.


Bridgeview - Greenlawn, Coppin Heights, Easterwood, Evergreen Lawn, Franklin Square, Harlem Park, Lexington, Midtown - Edmondson, Mondawmin, Mosher, Panway - Braddish Avenue, Parkview - Woodbrook, Penn North, Penrose/Fayette Street Outreach, Poppleton, Rosemont Homeowners, Sandtown - Winchester

The Western District borders five districts (Southern, Central, Northwestern, Northern, Southwestern) and is comprised of several historic neighborhoods, such as Sandtown/Winchester, Poppleton, Penn-North and Druid Hill. The Western District was also once home to Edgar Allen Poe and is where the Poe Homes are now located



Western District 1891

Sergeant Clowe
Western District



Courtest William Davis

Western District from about 1959 until just after the 1968 riots.  He was promoted to Sgt and spent the rest at the Southern until his retirement in 1996


Courtest William Davis

Scan Pic0042

Courtest William Davis

Scan Pic0043

Courtest William Davis

Scan Pic0044

Courtest William Davis
Image may contain: people sitting, screen and indoor
Shot by Scott Serio Information from on of my best friends Mark Frank
This was one of the many mascots the desk crew had in the WD over the years. I believe his name was "Reds" but I am not sure if it was the dog or the cat they kept in the cell block. That is till the Major put out the order that no more animals were to be kept back there with the prisoners!
Western District Officer Tim Devine 4 23 1992 72
Courtesy Gary and Kath Lapchak
Western District Officer Tim Devine 4-23-1992

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Some good ole Western Police

Officer Joseph William Kopinke a Baltimore City Police Patrolman and a Railroad detective. He was born in 1887,
the only son of German immigrants.
Officer Kopinke was assigned to the Western District around 1917.


Police Officer Mark Stinchcomb badge #213,  Western District,1910-1922,

Grandfather of retired officer David D'Addario, Northwest District and Major Gary D'Addario 



E.O.D.1910 BADGE# 922
Daniel Redding
Courtest Lisa Pyle Lockett
Daniel Redding
Daniel Redding in front of Baltimore City police car crediy Lisa Pyle Lockett
Lisa Pyle Lockett
Daniel Redding in front of Baltimore City police Car 
Daniel Redding on right retired Western District Louis Zulauf Eastern Dist 1956
Courtest Lisa Pyle Lockett
Daniel Redding to the right dressed in BPD uniform was from the Western District
When it was on Pine Street in the good old days Pic taken Jan 1956
Roll Call Eastern District 8 19 1976 72
Courtesy Gary & Kath Lapchak
Roll Call Eastern District 8-19-1976


Patrolman Raymond K. Miles Sr.

Appointed: April 19, 1926

Served Western District for 6 years



Patrolman Raymond K. Miles Sr.



Officer Raymond K. Miles Sr.{center} standing with two unnamed Officers

Pay 10.00 fine for driving with 1928 TagsRay Miles case



Captain Cooney Commander
September 1930

 Captain Cooney, Lieutenant Forrest, Sergeant Calder, Sergeant Ackerman, Sergeant McClusky, Sergeant Brandt, Sergeant Moore, Officer Zeiler, Officer Decker, Officer Klaas, Officer Mitchell, Officer Krause, Officer Roderick, Officer Hoban, Officer Rossler, Officer Poska, Officer Letterer, Officer Himler, Officer Miles, Officer Lawless, Officer Taylor, Officer Edwards, Officer Kurek, Officer Saunders, Officer Strass, Officer Crogan, Officer Stubberfield, Officer Oster, Officer Welsh, Officer Furricci, Officer Hart, Officer Chaulk
Patrolman Raymond Miles Sr. is pictured in the 3rd. standing row the fourth officer from the left.WD Capt Cooney Sept 1930


 Captain Cooney Commander

September 1930


Western District 1945
Located on Pine St. Officer John H Strack
(He is the Officer on the extreme left top row)
His beat for 41 years was walking around Lexington Market. He received many commendations during his tour of duty and had to shoot 2 robbers who held up the old "May" Company on Eutaw St, by the way both of these guys attended his funeral and comment how Mr. John squared them away (things have changed over the years).

Officer John Strack’s favorite saying "treat all people the way you want to be treated and you shall get along fine on the streets".


Baltimore City Police Officer, assigned Badge # 489, circa 1920-1940's and assigned to the City’s Western District.

Officer Jim Mitchell 1956 with his 1948 Buick

He joined the department in 1956 and was assigned to the old NWD on Pennsylvania Ave then moved into the new WD station house in 1959.

 Earl Labon
Earl Labron
Western Police


Officer Jim Mitchell 1957

He served 26 yrs in Western District in patrol and then tunkey. Transfered to Hdqts worked for Deputy Commissiner Ed Tilghman.

He retired in 1986

Baltimore City Police Department undergoes a major overhaul of district boundaries.

August 31, 1959  

Baltimore City Police Department undergoes a major overhaul of district boundaries.

August 31, 1959



Jim Mitchell, Griffin Dobyns & un-named desk sergeant

Western District 


Officer Raymond E. Wilson above in 1969
while assigned to Western District and
below he is holding his daughter Kathy



 Officers Burns (1970's) and Hackley were cadets together in the late 1960's.

John, formerly Western District, later on Northern District, was shot and critically wounded while guarding a prisoner at Mercy Hospital.

This prisoner had been shot and wounded, after he had shot and killed Baltimore Police Officer Martin J. Greiner... LOD 12/10/1974 


OCTOBER 31, 1974

Joe Hlafka was shot several times and one round struck him in the face
but he survived and went back to work. He transferred to the Traffic Division
and was in the Foot Traffic unit for several years.
Joe is better known as "Night Stick Joe".
He made thousands of our famous Baltimore ESPANTOONS for our officers
and officers from around the world! He made them out of evey kind of wood imaginable.



The old Pine Street Station which had been the old Western District
was left in tact by a decision on 02/21/1976.
Officer Raymond Miles worked there 1926-1932


Officer Lou Trimper


Officer Daniel Boone


Officer Lou Trimper


Sergeant Jerry Lober


Sgt. Jerry Lober & Officer William Harting

Lieutenant Glenn Egbert

Officer William Harting & Sgt. Jerry Lober

Lieutenant Glenn Egbert

Officer William Harting & Officer Wanda Williams

Officer William Harting

Officer Robert Rabold
Western District Operations Unit 1977
Western District Wall of Honor
Western District "Night Court"

Officer Dan Boone(uniform) horsing around
with unknown officer WD 1977

Western District Operations Unit 1977
Officer Lou Trimper & Officer Bill Harting
Western District softball team
Lieutenant Leroy Dedmond hits one out of the park
Lieutenant Leroy Dedmon, Tom Pavis, Carl Johnson, Bob Brown, Dave Hahn
Commissioner Bishop Robinson presents a Certificate of Retirement to Officer Jim Mitchell, who served with honor in the Baltimore City Police Department 1956-1986. Jim's wife Doris standing with him.
Officer Eric Snair 1991 

Sergeant Ames and Officer Mayfield Western District 2004
Officer Haley and Officer Johnson Western District 2004
Officer Korman Western District 2004

Western District Sector 1 Midnight ShiftJuly 02, 2005

(Left to right) Arkel Hubbard, Travis Bonner, Christopher Vallejo,
Sgt Schuyler Denham, Shawn B Johnson, Thomas Portz, William MacDonald, Eric Thomas






















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Courtesy - Officer Joel E. Gordon - Circa 1981
Digital Painting of Western District



Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Deceased Officers and anything that may help Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency. Please contact Retired Detective Kenny Driscoll.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



How to Dispose of Old Police Items

If you come into possession of Police items from an Estate or Death of a Police Officer Family Member and do not know how to properly dispose of these items please contact: Retired Detective Ken Driscoll - Please dispose of POLICE Items: Badges, Guns, Uniforms, Documents, PROPERLY so they won’t be used IMPROPERLY.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Sector Map

CD - SE - E - NE - N - NW - W - SW - S

 Devider color with motto

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222

 Copyright © 2002 Baltimore City Police History - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll


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If you have pictures, Comments, Suggestions etc. please send them to me at the email address above, as you can see Ken and I have put much of our time and money into this project, so we don't mind errors pointed out to us, just as Ken's partner used to say, "Keep it Friendly!" send Ken or me and email.. thanks - Patty

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Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Retired or Deceased Officers and anything that may help us to Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency.
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