Baltimore Police

Sun Paper Pictures

1a 1970 Just In Case front 74
Courtesy of Mark Frank
1 Sun Pic

Baltimore Scene 72
2 Baltimore City Scene
Courtesy of Mark Frank
3 Police Community Outreach Center Vandalized

mounted old 72
Courtesy Patty
4 Mounted Frederick Street Circa 1940's IMG 20160623 0006 72 5 Baltimore's first Black Officers 1938
 Milton Gardner, Harry S. Scott, and J. Hiram Butler Jr. were hired in 1938 Officer Scott, was the department's first black Sergeant
Officer Butler would become the department's first black Lieutenant -
During his career, Lt Butler was awarded 22 official commendations

IMG 20160623 0001 72

6 1948 The Department goes to slit pocket overcoat
this was done to allow officers a way of keeping their weapon under their coat while maintaining public safety.

IMG 20160623 0004 727
This shows part of the progression of our radio car

72 1967 nosehair gone comunications patch and unit front cropped

Courtesy Patty
8 - This was an odd pic, it seems we have most pics of the commissioners
But we didn't have this Commissioner and while he had an odd end to his career
He also brought us a ton of nice units within the department. Polygraph and K9 just to name a few

IMG 20160623 0003 72

 Courtesy Patty
9 - This is an earlier pic of our radio unit, notice the navy handset with a privacy cup to help keep your conversation a little more private, while councilling out the background sounds, like cars, horns others talking etc. These were first used in our Marine unit for a ship to sure radio conversation between our marine unit and communications

IMG 20160623 0002 72

Courtesy of Mark Frank
10 - Baltimore Police Strikes 1974
Baltimore's Police Strike 11 July 1974, began a formal strike, after a 7 July campaign of intentional misbehavior and silliness, the strike would last four days ending on 15 July when union officials negotiated an end to the strike when the city promised (and delivered) police officers a wage increase in 1975, but refused amnesty for the strikers.

72img579Courtesy Patty
11- Open Door
This is a classy looking almost artful pic
Baltimore Sinclare shot 72

Courtesy Patty

12 - Baltimore City Scene

72img58313 - Courtesy Patty
1Elroy Norris14 - Courtesy Patty
1  2 mar 1972 william tolson north ave bike patrol 1st Bike police 72

Courtesy Patty

15 - 2 Mar 1972 - William Tolson
North Ave. Bike Patrol - 1st Bike Police
72img58716 - Courtesy Patty 
This is interesting too, if you look at the wall in the background you can see a white wall with marks where something used to be, it was a Green bell holder and a silver bell that was attached to a signal system so when cars drove in the shop a bell rang.
We have the bell to help show how this system worked
1a KSCN0021 74
17 - Courtesy Patty
Lieutenant Violet Whyte 

72img59118 - Courtesy Patty
In this fencing, we can see two posts. We have two pics of these because we have one on display in
the museum and wanted to make sure it was known where it came from. 
img197 72
19 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
Baltimore Police Automobile Accident 1970
SE Gough and Eden Two Patrol Cars Responding to a False Burglary Call

72img59320 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
We bought this and a few other Fingerprint pics so we could help explain our connection with the first fingerprints
being recorded in the US, and that has been right here in beautiful Baltimore. Here  

1a KSCN0028 74
Courtesy of Mark Frank
21 - Southeast District Police Station Cell Block

72 1931 police radio front ii22 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
2  11 April 1972 thomas orrin  On the down-tube the office has his Espantoon 72
23 -  Courtesy of Mark Frank
11 April 1972 Thomas Orrin 
On the downtube, the officer has his Espantoon
72 1937 radio car front 24 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

April 7 1964 72

1968 April Riots (7 April 1968)

72 1942 park police mounted unit

25 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

City schools 72

26 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
1950's School Segregation

72 1949 sam brown pic

27 - Courtesy of Patty

The "Widow Maker," these holsters would often lead to the officer's pistol being left on the seat of his patrol car when he exited the vehicle

crownsville escape 12 mar 1972 721i

28 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
Escape Crownsville Mental Health Hospital

72 1953 communication CD cropped

29 - Courtesy Patty

Luther Robinson 27 April 1964 1 72

30 - Courtesy Patty
Luther Robinson Bomb Squad 27 April 1966
72 1962 hq drawing cropped


1 Jun 1971

72 1962 Motors front crop i32 - Courtesy Patty
K9 72
33 - Courtesy Patty
Police Dogs K-9 training c. 1959

72 1967 hq identification sect front34 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
1a KSCN0030 74
Courtesy of Mark Frank
35- Sun Paper pic
1959 K9 Unit72

36 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
3   11 sep 1979 rear fayette and north warwick 1979 Butler Latreace Shavette  72
37 - 11 Sept 1979 Rear Fayette and N. Warwick
Butler Latreace Shavette
Officer Jim Bowen & Sparky 

72 1971 Dotty Woods front cropped

38 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

1a KSCN0032 74i

39 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
Baltimore Espantoon

4   28 dec 1962 bank robbery clifton savings bank broadway chase and gay 72
40 - Courtesy Patty
28 Dec 1962 Bank Robbery Clifton Savings Banks
Broadway, Chase, and Gay Streets

1a KSCN0034 74
41 - Courtesy Patty
Sgt William E Conroy
Looks over 65-year-old log book of waterfront cases (circa 1956)

5 16 sept 1976 Police pull body of drowned man from harbor scuba diver lt darrell diggins Sgt Duffy retrieving the body while Off Denny Stagi rows 72
42 - Courtesy Patty
16 Sept 1976
Police Pull Body of Drowned Man from Harbor
SCUBA Diver Lt. Darrell Diggins, Sgt. Duffy retrieving the Body while P/O Denny Stagi Rows
1a KSCN0036 74

43 - Courtesy Patty

Lieutenant Violet Whyte
6 Happy and his handler James Alford 1974 16 aug 74   72
44 - Courtesy Patty
16 Aug 74
K9 Dog "Happy" and his handler James Alford 1974
1 KSCN0004 sm
45 - Courtesy Patty
Carl Hagen - 1960
Veney 72
46 - Courtesy Patty
Murder of Jack Lee Cooper, Police Officer
Veney Raids
WHERE ARE THE VENEYS--A search party crouches behind cars and covers rooftops while looking for the Veney brothers-Earl and Sam- in the 700 block of Poplar Grove Street. A city-wide dragnet failed to turn up the fugitives, who are sought in connection with a hold-up Christmas Eve and shooting of a police lieutenant. In addition, Sam Veney is charged with fatally shooting Sergeant Jack Lee Cooper on Christmas. Photo by Sun photographer William L. LaForce.

47 - Courtesy Patty

1a Barry74
48 - Barry Wood
49 - Foot of Willis Street 1939
8 1986 - Barry Wood 31 jan 1986  72
50 - 31 Jan 1986
Flight Operator Barry Wood
Jan 29 1964  Claude Profili 72
51 - Courtesy Mark Frank
9 29 30 dec 1964 Murder of sgt Jack Lee Cooper 1700 blk mon  st 72
52 -  Courtesy Mark Frank
29-30 Dec 1964
Murder of Sgt Jack Lee Cooper
1a Donald Sager 74

Courtesy of Mark Frank
1a 1970 Shell Casing found 74
55 - Courtesy Mark Frank
1a K9 74
Courtesy of Mark Frank
56 - Baltimore Police K9 Training
Late 1950's K9 unit new grounds
1a Jones falls sig 30 74
57 - Courtesy Patty
Officer is in Hospital

1a KSCN0022 74
58 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

1a KSCN002474

59 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

1a KSCN0072 74

60 - Courtesy Patty
Trash Strike

1900s BPD wagon movie prop

61 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

1966 how times have changed 900
62 - Courtesy Patty
ABC 757 BS 72
63 - Courtesy Patty
64 - Courtesy Patty
Raymond Wheatley

ACC 138 BS 72
65 - Courtesy Patty
The First Firearms Training class for Baltimore Police Women started in 1925

66 - Courtesy Patty
The Department had to look for holsters for their Female Officers

Baltimore Police marine unit

67 - Courtesy Patty
The Marine Unit 1920's

68 - Courtesy Patty
Barry Wood

69 - Courtesy Mark Frank
QRT 1970's

70 - Courtesy Patty
Shot Gun Squads with a K9 Officer Mitch Paris C
irca 1970's

Driving lessons April 1952 1
71 - Drivers Training
police epson 084 i sketchpaint-Recovered cropped

72 - Courtesy Mark Frank
Police Community Outreach Center

Driving lessons April 1952 2
73 - Drivers Training

Driving lessons April 1952 3 72
74 - Drivers Training

Driving lessons April 1952 4

75 - Drivers Training

Driving lessons April 1952 5 72
76 - Drivers Training

Helicopter 1976

77 - Fox lands on the Jones Falls (before it was complete)

1ii KSCN0002 sm
78 - Property Man Inventories Espantoons


79 - Sun Paper Photographer - Lloyd Pearson

Every spring the clerks at Headquarters saw to it that Brownie was bathed, clipped for the summer and provided with a dog license, often Brownie had her hair cut to make her resemble a lion. In the above pic, Brownie had given birth to four puppies (circa 1975). Approx. one year later Brownie was found a little after midnight on January 26, 1976, lying in the 700 block of Fallsway, the apparent victim of a hit and run accident. She was taken back to the District and buried the following day at the Dulaney Valley Pet Cemetery. Although Brownie was not an "official" member of the Department, she was buried in the Baltimore Police K-9 section of the Cemetery.  


80 - Pic taken by Sun paper photographer Goerge Cook
James Pryor - John Myers stop to give Brownie her morning inspection Mar 4, 1971

Central District personnel were saddened recently to learn of the death of Brownie, the Mascot of the District.

Brownie came to the Central District in mid-1968. She was found bruised and battered one rainy day under a vehicle parked on the Central District ramp. The dog, a skinny brown puppy was brought inside where she was dried, fed and sent on his way. Day after day, however, Brownie would reappear at the door for her free hand-out. Eventually, Brownie found her way inside and had her own food and water dish "issued" to her, thereby becoming the unofficial guardian of the Stationhouse.

Many officers began their careers under the watchful eye and wagging tail of Brownie. Although she lived in the Central District, she was known and loved by people throughout the Department. Brownie showed no difference for rank. When she was lying near her post at the front door, she would move for no one.


82 - The Marine Unit 1920's

5c KSCN000172
83 - Honda Trial


KSCN0003 sm
84 - QRT


85 - Construction Central District
1i KSCN0003 sm
86 - Carl Hagen 1960's


87 - 600 E Baltimore St. site of Current Headquarters


88 - Departmental


89 - Academy Callbox Training

90 - 1955 BPD Safety Patrol Unit

91 - BPD Department

92 - Courtesy Patty
Sgt.Warren Moore Arrests Earl Coleman (Wanted for 3 Washington Dc Murders)
This photo was seen in the Baltimore Sun paper in 1974, as well as the Caliber Press Book Street Survival

93 - Courtry Mark Frank
Baltimore Park Police K9

94 - Courtesy of Mark Frank
Dead Battery

95 - Courtesy of Mark Frank

96 - Courtesy Mark Frank
BPD Departmental

97 - K9 Unit


98 - Shotgun Squad

99  - Western Auto Guarded by Officer David Eastman
Using a Goose Gun

Courtesy of Mark Frank
100 - Stationhouse

101 - Baltimore Police Rearended

102 - Standoff with Black Panthers
On May 1, 1970 police armed with pump gun (left) and pistol crouch behind patrol car on 1700 block North Aisquith street during raid on Black Panthers. Woman sitting on stoop appears unconcerned. (Clarence B. Garrett/Baltimore Sun) But they did have this one by Clarence B. Garrett - On May 1, 1970 police armed with pump gun (left) and pistol crouch behind patrol car on 1700 block North Aisquith street during raid on Black Panthers. Woman sitting on stoop appears unconcerned. (Clarence B. Garrett/Baltimore Sun)

Courtesy of Mark Frank
103 - 1970 Commissioner Displays the Department New Flag

Date: 1970-12-03 - A FLAG FIRST – Donald D.Pomerleau police commissioner holds the department's new, specially made flag, to be used in parades and displays. Made at a cost of $180, the flag features the slate seal and the Washington Monument. (Battle Monument) Baltimore Police Department's first flag came on 3 Dec 1970, when introduced by Commissioner Donald D. Pomerleau.

104 - Baltimore Police car


Courtesy of Mark Frank
106 - Espantoon Quartermaster

KSCN0051 73
107 - Courtesy Mark Frank

KSCN0055 73
108 - 1930's BPD (Note the Round Hats)
KSCN0057 73
109 - 1930's BPD (Note the Round Hats) 23 Dec 1975 John Green72
110 - Baltimore City Jail - 23 Dec 1975 - and Slim Santa is played by John Smith
Looters 1974 73
111 - Looting

Pennewell 1958
112 - Officer Delano Pennewell
Name plate 1966 Ed Campbell 73
113 - The Name Plate was first worn by City Police
Effective 9 AM - 29 April 1966 - Interim Police Commissioner George M. Gelston ordered all officers to begin wearing a name plate for identification. An idea the State Police started 7 years earlier to the same day on 29 April, 1959. At the time Commissioner Gelston felt it would improve the image of the police department. As a side note, Patrolman Edward Campbell would be the first City Officer to wear such name plate as he posed for the Baltimore Sun a day earlier on 28 April 1966

police epson 086 1010 QRT 1978 photo by joseph A DiPaola 72
114 - QRT
Courtesy of Debbie and Robert Keene
115 - Gunpowder Range

Shootings 1970 73
South east cell block 73
Courtesy of Mark Frank
117 - Southeast Cellblock

 The Horse Directs Traffic
118 - Sunpaper photographer William L LaForce

Date 2 Oct 67 - Police Department Baltimore Patrol Cars 1967

wagon 2
119 - Sunpaper -This pic was taken for the Bicentennial Parade 1933
Courtesy of Mark Frank

Baltimore police officers trying to figure out why someone thought their car was a boat. 1975
 Courtesy David Eastman
1975 Hanover Street Bridge

72alley img153


72arrest img037


72arrest img065


72arrest img076


72arrest img150


72arrest img151


72arrest img155


72arrest img157


72arrest img169


72arrest img177


72arrest img185
















accident img103 72


accident img105 72


accident img107 72


accident img109 72


accident img161 72


accident img189 72


img183 72


tow truck img167 72


vehicles img057 72
149 72 1956 crime lab finger prints 2
















City schools 72


Donald Sager






crownsville escape 12 mar 1972 721i






























not Baltimore

















































Baltimore Police Department
242 W. 29th St., Baltimore, MD.
Emergencies: 9-1-1  Non-emergencies: 410-396-2037
BALTIMORE POLICE Web Site: http://www.baltimorepolice.org 

Devider color with motto

Again please contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll if you have pictures of you, your family, or other members of the Baltimore Police Department and wish to see them remembered here on this tribute site. We are anxious to honor the fine men and women who have served this fine police department. Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll can be reached at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Like us on Facebook, or contact us for a mailing address 

Copyright © 2002 Baltimore City Police History - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll



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