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Eastern District

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1620 Edison Highway
Baltimore, Maryland 21213

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1826 - Eastern District History- 03-09-1826 - The Eastern District was first located at 1621 Bank Street a building that was built around 1822, and still stands to this day. It remained at the Bank Street location until the summer of 1959, when the station was moved to the old Northeastern station at Ashland and Chew St. (Durham) in the Summer of 1959 where they stayed until 1960. In December 1960 they moved to their current location at 1620 Edison Highway. 

The Eastern District is the smallest of the nine districts. The district's officers are committed to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with district residents, as well as with religious groups, various agencies, and businesses. Neighborhoods
Barclay, Berea, Biddle Street, Broadway East, Darley Park, Dunbar - Broadway, East Baltimore Midway, Gay Street,Greenmount Cemetery, Greenmount West, Johnston Square, Latrobe Homes, Madison - East End, Middle East, Milton - Montford, Old Town, Oliver, Orangeville Industrial Area, Penn - Fallsway, Somerset Holmes - Monument East, South Clifton Park.

Below are pictures of the Sinskey brothers, John and Fred. The brothers grew up in Baltimore and were influenced by its crime as young boys when their mother "Catherine Sinskey" was the victim of an assault. Her assailant was held in jail until trial and then let off with a $5 fine. sound light but 30 days back then was much the same as it is now (except no prisoner rights, or prison union, but $5 dollars was a lot of money back in 1845 about $125.00 now. So for an assault, it is a slap on the wrist. The boys unhappy with this decision to become lawmen, and hopefully get some justice for those that were being victimized in Baltimore's late 1800's. Fred went on to become a Sergeant he lived from 1838-1886 and served in the Eastern district from 1870 until June 1, 1885. His brother John lived from 1835 until Nov. 8, 1907, unfortunately, we don't know the years of service, or if he was in the same district as his brother, Fred but because we do know they were brothers, our brothers in the BPD, we will keep them together on this page. Here, we can enjoy the photos along with the Sinskey family, and ancestors. 


Eastern Capt

Benj. F. Auld, Captain - Eastern District, T. W. Sparklin and Edward Moms. The men were distributed as follows: Eastern District, seventy-five patrolmen, forty·four of whom were on night duty, twenty·two day duty and nine held in reserve.

Marshal Farlow received his appointment on April 22, 1867, and served until April 17, 1870, when he resigned. He was born at Fell's Point, East Baltimore, and lived there all his life. He was a ship-carpenter by trade, but early in life engaged in mercantile pursuits. For a time be discharged the duties of United States Steamboat Inspector at this port, but that was the only public office he filled up to the time of his appointment as Marshal. After his resignation from the police, he was elected Magistrate and assigned to the Eastern Police District, in which position he died. On the occasion of his funeral the police paraded, details from each district taking part in · the funeral procession.

The second oldest station-house is the Eastern. Though this was never so poor a place for a police station quarters as the old Middle district watch-house, it was · far from meeting the demands of the reorganized force of 1867, and by acts of the City Council it was enlarged on one occasion and has been several times altered and repaired. The more recent improvements have been effected under the direction of the Police  Commissioners themselves, the money for the work being drawn from the " special fund " in the hands of the Board. Benjamin F. Kenney assumed command of the police of the Eastern district under the reorganization. Upon his death, in November 1883, he was succeeded by Lieutenant Auld, the present captain.

Captain George League, who commands the Eastern Police District, has charge of one of the most important sections of Baltimore. - To properly control 81 the foreign elements, to impress upon them the meaning and exercise of the law is a work that Captain League has successfully accomplished. The commander of the Eastern District was born on December 25, 1843, and was appointed to the Police Department on March 23, 1870. He was promoted to a sergeant on April 261 18761 and was raised to a lieutenancy on October 6, 1876. On July 22, 1899, he was appointed to the captaincy. During his long years of efficient police service, Captain League has been especially commended nine times for meritorious police work.


Canton police station Baylis and Toone Sts 1948
Courtesy David Eastman
Canton Station
 A couple of officers chat it up in front of the Canton police station, Baylis and Toone Streets, 1948. The building was a substation for the Eastern District. It was originally a Baltimore County Police station before the annexation of the area by the city. In 1903, the county police installed a telephone so citizens could call the station. Other county stations were in Mt. Winans and Arlington. All before annexations, the last which occurred in 1918.
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IMG 20160705 0009


Courtesy Rose Connelly
Her great grandfather is in the 2nd row far right. This was taken about 1870. James Connelly was promoted to captain in 1860 

Officer Edward Henry Hanus
Officer Edward Henry Hanus

IMG 20160705 0006

 94 arrest1

1991 3300 E Madison.AwardBaltimore city patrolman sitting on the steps of the old Eastern districtprisoner wagon EDDonna WatsonEastern

easterndistofficers1889eastern district officers 1800sEastern District Shooting teamED1907

EASTERN DIST A Division Sept 6 1940ED Capt Wilbur Miller Sgt John Drexel 7 22 1968Hohenstein William SergKenneth ClarkKen Lane Badge display2Logue William







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Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

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Copies of: Baltimore Police Department class photos, pictures of officers, vehicles, equipment, newspaper articles relating to our department. Also wanted Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, Hot Sheets Reports, and or Brochures. Information on retired or deceased officers, fallen or injured officers and anything that may help us to preserve the history and proud traditions of this agency.
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