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Northeastern District

Street Address: 1900 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Mailing Address: Click for mailing instructions
Phone: 410-396-2444
E-mail: E-mail the Northeastern District

1874 - Northeastern District History - 1874 - The Northeastern District was first opened at Ashland and Chew Streets (Durham) in 1874 where it remained until 1958/9 when they moved to their present district at 1900 Argonne Drive. 

The Northeastern District is the largest police district in Baltimore City. It encompasses 16.71 square miles and borders the Northern District, Eastern District, Southeastern District, and two Baltimore County precincts.
The Northeast District is home to Morgan State University, Good Samaritan Hospital, Clifton Park Public Golf Course, Mt. Pleasant Public Golf Course, Lake Montebello, and the newly constructed Stadium Place on the grounds of the old Memorial Stadium, which is the site of the new YMCA and senior housing facility.


Arcadia, Armistead Gardens, Belair - Edison, Belair - Parkside, Beverly Hills, Cedmont, Cedonia, Chinquapin Run Park, Christopher, Claremont - Freedom, Clifton Park, Coldstream - Homestead - Montebello, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside, Four by Four, Frankford, Gardenville, Glenham - Bedford, Hamilton Hills, Harford - Echodale - Perring Parkway, Herring Run Park, Hillen, Hollander Ridge, Idlewood, Lauraville, Loch Raven, Lower Herring Run Park, Mayfield, Montebello, Moores Run Park, Moravia - Walther, Morgan Park, Morgan State University, Mount Pleasant Park, New Northwood, North Harford Road, Original Northwood, Overlea, Parkside, Perring Loch, Ramblewood, Stonewood - Pentwood - Winston, Taylor Heights, Waltherson, Westfield, Wilson Heights, Woodbourne Heights, Woodring

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Escaped Convict Fired At While Fleeing From Stolen Automobile

Failed To Order To Halt---Believed Man who Slashed Nurse

March 5, 1939

An escaped Negro convict was shot and killed late yesterday by patrolman Edwin J. Humphreys, of the Northeastern district, as the Negro attempted to drive off in a stolen car that had been spotted by police at North Broadway and Miller street.

The dead man was identified as Edward Turner, 25, who according to police, has a long criminal record and was a fugitive from the Maryland House of Correction, having escaped last July.

Negro Believed Slasher

Captain William J. Forrest, commander of the Northeastern district, said Turner answered the description of the Negro who a week ago broke into a bedroom of a house in the 700 block North Broadway and assaulted Miss Frances Whelan, 25-year-old nurse at Sinai Hospital, with a knife. Patrolman Humphreys had been detailed to watch the stolen car after it was discovered parked by Sergeant Michael J. Hoban shortly after the change of shifts at 4 P. M. yesterday.

Ten minutes after Humphreys went on duty, Turner approached. the car climbed in and started the engine. Humphreys ran forward calling to the Negro to halt.

Shot Fired Into Air

Instead, Turner meshed the gears to start the car in motion. A shot in the air failed to stop the Negro, but at second shot, which Humphreys sent crashing through the window of the car, caused Turner to slam on the brakes and leap out on the far side of the machine.

Turner raced down Miller Street toward North Broadway, which was filled with afternoon shoppers. Patrolman Humphreys paused, took careful aim and fired. The Negro pitched forward, shot through the heart. His body fell almost in the middle of the southbound traffic lane on North Broadway and was barely missed by passing automobiles.

Children See Shooting

The shooting occurred in front of Branch No. 5 of the Enoch Pratt Library at North Broadway and Miller Street. Several children who had heard the shots ran to the windows of their homes and outside in time to witness the shooting.

Turner's body was taken to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where physicians said he died instantly. Police said the Negro lived in the 1700 block Ashland Avenue.

The car, according to police, was stolen late last month from Mrs. Minnie C. Russell, of the 4400 block Springdale Avenue. The license plates had been reported stolen from another motorist.

Dr. Paul Schenker, the coroner for the Northeastern district, released Humphreys in the care of Captain Forrest, who temporarily relieved the officer from duty.

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Steve Hatchett

Steve Hatchett

Steve Wilson steve hatchett

Steve Wilson and Steve Hatchett

Gary Smith retired trading cardCourtesy Photoshop & Kenny Driscoll
Officer retired Gary Smith my cousin. gary was on from 1985 until 2005

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Copies of: Baltimore Police Department class photos, pictures of officers, vehicles, equipment, newspaper articles relating to our department. Also wanted Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, Hot Sheets Reports, and or Brochures. Information on retired or deceased officers, fallen or injured officers and anything that may help us to preserve the history and proud traditions of this agency.
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