Daniel J. Calhoun



Line of Duty Injured72

Officers James L. McFillin and Daniel J. Calhoun

Off James McFillinTWO OFFICERS WOUNDED October, 1970 In recent unrelated incidents two young police officers were injured by gunshot wounds within a fourteen hour span of time. Both officers were involved in what might be considered routine patrol efforts: however, the results were far from routine   Officer James L. McFillin, Jr The first incident started casually enough, when Officer James L. McFillin, Jr., Tactical Section, attempted to stop an out-of-state automobile. An auto chase resulted and, after several parked cars were struck, a foot chase began. The chase ended in an alOff Daniel Calhounley and, in an exchange of gunfire, both Officer McFillin, and the suspect were injured by gunshot wounds. Fortunately, Officer McFillin suffered only superficial body wounds, while the suspect was rushed to the hospital in poor condition   Officer Daniel J. Calhoun The second incident was the result of a call for service to which Officer Daniel J. Calhoun, Southern District, responded and was felled by another assailant's bullets. The officer was taken to the hospital with a serious chest wound and the suspect was treated at a hospital for wounds suffered in a subsequent exchange of shots by other officers. Officer Calhoun has progressed very well and is on his way to complete recovery. The two incidents underline the fact that the most routine police matters can suddenly become an issue of tragedy and suffering

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Name Description
Weapon - Handgun
District Worked Southern
Date of Injury October, 1970

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