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Officer Alvin Martin

Officer Alvin Martin

Officer Wounded February 28, 1976   Officer Alvin Martin The activity on the streets of southeast Baltimore was slowing at 1 :00 A.M. as Officer David N. Datsko, Southeastern District, returned to his patrol vehicle parked in the unit block of South Ann Street on February 28, 1976. He had just finished an investigation of a hit and run accident and was about to enter his car when the suspect walked up to him. They stood outside of the vehicle as the man vehemently argued that he had not caused any damage to a parked car. Officer Datsko patiently explained that a report had been made and advised the man to report the incident to his insurance company. The man turned and walked back to his house. Officer Datsko entered his vehicle and was about to leave when Officer Alvin E. Martin pulled along side and asked if Officer Datsko had an extra M.I. Report. He gave Officer Martin the report and suddenly a shot rang out. Officer Martin's windshield shattered' and he felt a sharp pain in his chest and shoulder. He opened the door of the car and rolled to the ground. Officer Datsko immediately called for additional back-up units and took cover behind his car. The officer believed that the shot had come from the same house that the hit and run suspect had entered. Back-up units quickly arrived on the scene. Officer Martin, however, could not be immediately evacuated because he was still in a direct line of fire. Officer Michael K. McCleese, who was operating a cruising patrol, placed his vehicle between the suspect's house and Officer Martin. This allowed Officers William M. Downing and John R. Draa to approach the fallen officer safely. Officer Martin was placed in the cruising patrol and rushed to Church Home and Hospital. A Command Post was established and efforts were made to convince the suspect to surrender. The suspect released two women who were in the house but refused to surrender himself. The Emergency Vehicle Unit responded to the scene and after it had been determined that further negotiations would not be successful, tear gas was fired into the house, forcing the suspect to surrender. A search of the house revealed a number of empty 30/30 caliber cartridge casings in various locations throughout the building and a supply of 30/30 caliber ammunition. Found in the kitchen was the suspect's 30/30 caliber rifle. Officer Martin was admitted to Church Home and Hospital suffering gunshot wounds to the right shoulder and upper chest. The single projectile apparently split upon striking the windshield of his vehicle causing both of his wounds.

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Name Description
Weapon Firearm
District Worked Southeastern
Date of Injury February 28, 1976

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