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Officer David Garayoa

Officer David Garayoa

Police Officer Wounded August 30, 1979,  Officer David S. Garayoa, Southern District, was wounded on August 30, 1979 during a bizarre incident which still remains a mystery. Officer Garayoa, a six year veteran, was walking his foot post and had just completed a business check of a food market in the 900 block of East Patapsco Avenue. He walked from the store to the rear loading dock of the building where he intended to check the parking lot. While in the parking lot he heard what sounded like breaking glass and immediately felt a stinging sensation in his left forearm. He grabbed his arm and turned to his right looking in the direction of the noise. Officer Garayoa looked at his bleeding left arm and realized that he had been shot. He notified his communications dispatcher that he was shot and requested assistance. A unit quickly arrived and transported the injured officer to a nearby hospital. At the hospital, a .44 calibre magnum projectile, probably fired from a rifle, was removed from the officer's arm and examined by a technician from the Laboratory Division's Firearms Unit. As a result of the projectile examination and the circumstances surrounding the incident it is felt that the shooting of Officer Garayoa was not a deliberate shooting, but apparently a stray shot fired from a great distance. This opinion is based upon a number of factors; the relatively minor injury to Officer Garayoa and the non-mutilated condition of the projectile. An unobstructed shot from a .44 calibre rifle has an effective range of 400 to 500 yards. From within this effective range the injury to Officer Garayoa's arm would have been extensive. Total disintegration of the projectile would have almost been a certainty. The trajectory of the projectile was in a downward angle. This would indicate that the shot was apparently fired outside the effective range and apparently at an upward angle. A .44 calibre rifle, being a high powered hunting rifle, has an extremely loud report. The officer and three witnesses, however, reported that the only noise heard was a sound similar to breaking glass.

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Name Description
Weapon - Handgun
District Worked Southern
Date of Injury August 30, 1979

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