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Gino Inocentes

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Gino Inocentes' Police Pictures

Gino Inocentes Baltimore's Police Photographer... Proving Police Involved Shootings aren’t always a Negative Thing... Gino is our Multi-Media Tech for Media Relations Section (aka Public Affairs Section)... What he does for the department is mostly training, and promo videos, along with photography & graphic designs. He used to do a lot of evidence videos while under the academy, where he held the title “Video Analyst/Non-linear Editor”. When they transferred him to Public Affairs Section in 2011, his main tasks were to create and produce all kinds of media for the departments, social media sites, and official websites... His official title is, "Criminal Justice Associate", and like most of our members in the BPD, he takes his job to heart, and provides what could be among the best social media sites, and official website info of any department in this country.

We are proud to have Gino doing what he does to aid in the education, and preservation of our department and departmental history. Below and on various pages within this site you'll find many of Gino's pics; and while Gino's a professional photographer, you don't have to be to have your pics added to this site. We are interested in our history; so, if you have pics of you, your partners, or family; feel free to send them to us for inclusion on the site. We enjoy Gino's work, but all pictures of Baltimore Police are equally important, and equally wanted, and welcome. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how to best have your pics added to the site.


Western District Renovation
Photo Obtained from Gino Inocentes









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The above pic is major Marcus, sgt trainor, Patty Driscoll and Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll
The 2013 FOP-Lodge 3, Candlelight Vigil

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If you have Baltimore Police Pictures, feel free to send them our way, we are always looking for pics of our departmental history, and your BPD pics, stories and items are all part of that history... so scan them and send them in, or mail them to us, and let us scan them for you, once scanned, we'll save an extra copy to disc, and mail it back to you along with your originals... just include a note with return address if you want them back.. we have had people give us picks too, so let us know which you want and we pay for all discs and return shipping.




Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Deceased Officers and anything that may help Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency. Please contact Retired Detective Kenny Driscoll.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How to Dispose of Old Police Items

If you come into possession of Police items from an Estate or Death of a Police Officer Family Member and do not know how to properly dispose of these items please contact: Retired Detective Ken Driscoll - Please dispose of POLICE Items: Badges, Guns, Uniforms, Documents, PROPERLY so they won’t be used IMPROPERLY

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222

 Copyright © 2002 Baltimore City Police History - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll


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Copies of: Baltimore Police Department class photos, pictures of officers, vehicles, equipment, newspaper articles relating to our department. Also wanted Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, Hot Sheets Reports, and or Brochures. Information on retired or deceased officers, fallen or injured officers and anything that may help us to preserve the history and proud traditions of this agency.
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