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Eastern District

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1620 Edison Highway
Baltimore, Maryland 21213

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1826 - Eastern District History- 03-09-1826 - The Eastern District was first located at 1621 Bank Street a building that was built around 1822, and still stands to this day. It remained at the Bank Street location until the summer of 1959, when the station was moved to the old Northeastern station at Ashland and Chew St. (Durham) in the Summer of 1959 where they stayed until 1960. In December 1960 they moved to their current location at 1620 Edison Highway. 

The Eastern District is the smallest of the nine districts. The district's officers are committed to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with district residents, as well as with religious groups, various agencies, and businesses. Neighborhoods
Barclay, Berea, Biddle Street, Broadway East, Darley Park, Dunbar - Broadway, East Baltimore Midway, Gay Street,Greenmount Cemetery, Greenmount West, Johnston Square, Latrobe Homes, Madison - East End, Middle East, Milton - Montford, Old Town, Oliver, Orangeville Industrial Area, Penn - Fallsway, Somerset Holmes - Monument East, South Clifton Park.

Below are pictures of the Sinskey brothers, John and Fred. The brothers grew up in Baltimore, and were influenced by it's crime as young boys when their mother "Catherine Sinskey" was the victim of an assault. Her assailant was held in jail until trial and then let off with a $5 fine. sound light but 30 days back then was much the same as it is now (except no prisoner rights, or prison union, but $5 dollars was a lot of money back in 1845 about $125.00 now. So for an assault, it is a slap on the wrist. The boys unhappy with this decided to become lawmen, and hopefully get some justice for those that were being victimized in Baltimore's late 1800's. Fred went on to become a Sergeant he lived from 1838-1886, and served in the Eastern district from 1870 until June 1,1885. His brother John lived from 1835 until Nov. 8, 1907, unfortunately we don't know the years of service, or if he was in the same district as his brother, Fred but because we do know they were brothers, our brothers in the BPD, we will keep them together on this page. Here, we can enjoy the photos along with the Sinskey family, and ancestors. 


Eastern Capt

Benj. F. Auld, Captain - Eastern District, T. W. Sparklin and Edward Moms. The men were distributed as follows: Eastern District, seventy-five patrolmen, forty·four of whom were on night duty, twenty·two day duty and nine held in reserve.

Marshal Farlow received his appointment on April 22, 1867, and served until April 17, 1870, when he resigned. He was born at Fell's Point, East Baltimore, and lived there all his life. He was a ship-carpenter by trade, but early in life engaged in mercantile pursuits. For a time be discharged the duties of United States Steamboat Inspector at this port, but that was the only public office he filled up to the time of his appointment as Marshal. After his resignation from the police, he was elected Magistrate, and assigned to the Eastern Police District, in which position be died. On the occasion of his funeral the police paraded, details from each district taking part in · the funeral procession.

The second oldest station-house is the Eastern. Though this was never so poor a place for a police station quarters as the old Middle district watch house, it was · far from meeting the demands of the reorganized force of 1867, and by acts of the City Council it was enlarged on one occasion, and has been several times altered and repaired. The more recent improvements have been effected under the direction of the Police  Commissioners themselves, the money for the work being drawn from the " special fund " in the hands of the Board. Benjamin F. Kenney assumed command of the police of the Eastern district under the reorganization. Upon his death, in November, 1883, he was succeeded by Lieutenant Auld, the present captain.

Captain George League, who commands the Eastern Police District, has charge of one of the most important sections of Baltimore. - T o properly control 81 the foreign elements, to impress upon them the meaning and exercise of the law is a work that Captain League has successfully accomplished. The commander of the Eastern District was born on December 25, 1843, and was appointed to the Police Department on March 23, 1870. He was promoted to a sergeant on April 261 18761 and was raised to a lieutenancy on October 6, 1876. On July 22, 1899, he was appointed to the captaincy. During his long years of efficient police service Captain League has been especially commended nine times for meritorious police work.


Fred S
Sergeant John Frederick "Fred" Sinskey
John Sinskey
Officer John William Sinskey
Special Thanks to Erica Lee Berquist, Fred Sinskey's Great Great Grand daughter. Erica did a lot of research to bring us these photos and the information, which was supported by Sun Paper articles.

The Eastern District is the smallest of the nine districts

Lieutenant George League 4th from right (standing)
Sergeant Thomas Green 3rd from right (sitting)
Canton police station Baylis and Toone Sts 1948
Courtesy David Eastman
Canton Station
 A couple of officers chat it up in front of the Canton police station, Baylis and Toone Streets, 1948. The building was a substation for the Eastern District. It was originally a Baltimore County Police station before the annexation of the area by the city. In 1903, the county police installed a telephone so citizens could call the station. Other county stations were in Mt. Winans and Arlington. All before annexations, the last which occurred in 1918.
 Officer early 1900's sitting on the steps of the old Eastern District

Donna Watson
Courtesy Donna Watson
William Bertazon
Courtesy of William "Billy" Bertazon
AKA "Bert" 333 Car
William Bertazo II
Courtesy of William "Billy" Bertazon
AKA "Bert" 333 Car
Backup 2
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes
Backup 3
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes
Backup 4
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes
Backup 5
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes
Backup 6
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes
Backup 7
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes
Off holmen and sanhadja ED 1994 eye eye

Courtesy Mark Holmen
Off Holmen and Off Sanhadja ED 1994
Richard Long
Courtesy of Kimberly Ann Vesely- Grimes

IMG 20160705 0007

IMG 20160705 0008

IMG 20160705 0009 3rd annual meeting of Baltimore Police Florida Retirees
3rd annual meeting of Baltimore Police Florida Retirees 2013
Officer Alexander Emerson ED 1923
Photo Courtesy Detective Melvin Howell


Photo courtesy: Patrick J Byrne
September 6, 1940
Sergeant Joseph J. Byrne seated in the front row, 2nd. from the right.
Photo courtesy: Patrick J Byrne
Joseph J. Byrne was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Eastern District on June 27, 1940. Sgt. Byrne is seen here carring a small boy to a Christmas party to see Santa Clause and receive some presents.
Off Eugene Keener

Lieutenant - Timothy Watts and other members of the Eastern District honored Officer Eugene Keener upon his retirement on Wednesday, March 18,1970 They presented him with a watch and pen set.Cadet Lipa1

Officer Keener was appointed January 6,1944 and after a period of absence from the Department, between January, 1945 and December, 1945, he was assigned to the old Northeastern District. In 1959 he was assigned to the Eastern District where he remained until his retirement

Original Cadet ID card, Francis A. Lipa May 8th 1967

He was the 8th cadet hired on that program. He was the only officer who every graduated from the academy before he or she was 21 years of age. He graduated on a Friday, had graduation celebration at the War Memorial on Saturday, on Sunday he turned 21 years old, and on Monday he reported to the Eastern District and had to go downtown to get sworn in. The instructor told him to put the gun away until Monday and if someone comes at you, let them shoot you or it would get him into trouble. Served in Eastern District, Medical Section, HQ Security, Criminal Intel.

Cadet Lipa2

ED Capt Wilbur Miller Sgt John Drexel 7-22-1968
Photo courtesy Christina Bohli, John Drexel's daughter

 Eastern District Improvements, Capt Wilbur C. Miller, and Sgt. John Drexel 7-22-1968Officer Edward Henry Hanus
Officer Edward Henry Hanus


Photo courtesy Officer Scott Thomas

Eastern District "Choir Practice" after a 4x12 shift, under the Jones Falls on ramp, west of the City Jail, probably around the late 70's.

Front Row Left to Right:

Cowboy Hat-Unk. Not PD/With Can-Rich Thompson ED/Blanket-John Tewey ED/White Coat-Charlie Ireland/Cap & Glasses-John Welker-ED/Flippin Da Bird-Don Helms ED/BeBop Cap ME-Scott Thomas ED/Beer Can-Unk./Far Right-Sgt. ED.

Back Row Between Tewey & Ireland With Glasses & Mustache -Durwood Hood ED

Officer Norman Taylor Retires

Officer Norman Taylor retired from the Eastern District on Thursday, March 23, 1972, after 21 years of service. He was appointed to the Park Police on January 15, 1951 and transferred to the Baltimore City Police Department on January 1, 1961 and was then assigned to the Eastern District. He worked various beats and 2 years ago, he was assigned as a desk aide. Norman will be missed by his friends in the Eastern for his infectious smile and willingness to be helpful to all. Good luck Norman, and a long and happy deserved retirement. A brunch was held at the Eastern on March 22nd and was attended by Majors Wilbur Miller and Anton Glover, Captain Bishop Robinson and a host of friends and associates. He was presented with a plaque at the 3 :30 P.M. Roll Call as a memento upon his retirement

94_arrest1.jpgCOURTESY OFFICER RICHARD BUSH 94_arrest2.jpg



Officer Russ Merritt, left, Officer Francis Lipa, right NED2.jpg
Officer Francis Lippa left and Officer Russ Merritt right.



Officer Francis Lippa left and Officer Russ Merritt right



Sergeant Stanley Heddings, Lieutenant John Rorke,
 Officer Leon Slaight standing

Eastern District booking area, Officer Leon Slaight behind desk and Officer Leron Wilson standing



 Unidentified Northeast District Officer at the Eastern District booking area with uncooperative prisoner

Officer Leon Slaight
Officer Leon Slaight

As the story is told, it was a very slow morning on the 12x8 shift in the Eastern District. A dare was cast to the members of Sector One and a young Police Agent accepted the dare. The dare was for the officer to run from the Sears parking lot at North and Hartford. He was to run south on Harford crossing North. Why would anyone not accept this dare as it was so simple. At the appointed time officers were placed at points where they could observe foot and vehicle traffic. At about 3:30am he was off and running and made the dash without any problems. The only requirement to this dare was that the officer could only have on his issued hat, gun belt and shoes and socks. This is the true story of the Eastern Streaker of the mid 1970's.

Officer Russ Merritt in the cell block area


Officer Russ Merritt photographing a prisoner



Officer Sue Young, now a Major



Eastern District roll call with shift commander Lieutenant John Rorke



IMG 20160705 0006


KSCN0003 sm

The Officer on the Steps with the Plainfield 30 cal. Carbine is Jerry Demanss. The photograph was taken in the 1700 block of Federal Street by Sunpaper photographer Weyman Swagger. Howard Stansbury, Les Geesey, Lenny Petrovich, and Mike Cassizzi were there to serve an emergency petition. P/O Petrovich opened the second-floor bathroom door when the suspect opened fire, P/O Cassizzi was shot in the back and Lenny's radio was hit. Howard Stansbury and Lenny traded shots with the suspect for hours. He was on the second-floor landing, other's were in the hallway and front first-floor room. P/O Geesey and Officer Bullock were trapped on the second floor. At the end when QRT took over P/O Petrovich and Howard Stansbury was backing out of the front door when they heard one more gunshot. The suspect had killed himself.  Sad story the suspect was a Vietnam Vet. not sure how long Jerry stood there with the machinegun. As they suited up in our QRT jumpsuits, Lt. Darrell Duggins, yelled ( a la Pearl Harbor ) "This is no drill". On this situation, Jerry Demanss' had a four-man QRT team that was ordered to do a direct assault because there were "ED Officers actively engaging the suspect in the house". As they got to the house, KGA informed them that "all ED Officers got out the second floor and were out of the house". They then settled in for a long situation. Later, Jerry Demanss and Officer John Cherry had A BCFD Ladder Truck (#15) extend its aerial ladder for them to gain access to the roof. Once on the roof, they introduced CS gas through a bathroom skylight. As John broke the skylight with a hammer, Jerry fired a 37 MM gas canister into the room below, the flash revealed the suspect's position and showed that he was still in possession of his handgun. Jerry fired the second round, striking the suspect in the head. The 37 MM canister is quite loud. What was not known at the time was that the suspect had already shot and killed himself, and was lying under the skylight still holding the weapon that he had previously used to shoot Officer Mike Cassizzi and then himself. Jerry Demanss radioed KGA having the home secured for entering by QRT as John and Jerry covered the suspect. Later, while descending the fire departments aerial ladder holding a 37MM gas gun the neighbors began yelling, "They done killed him with a cannon!!!"
For the record, "KGA" is "Dispatch" or "Communications" KGA comes from the old BPD call sign which was KGA410; we still refer to our dispatchers as KGA. "QRT" is "Quick Response Team", basically SWAT. Baltimore's Police Department didn't have SWAT until recently. SWAT stands for "Special Weapons And Tactics", If it seems odd to use the A from AND in an acronym that's because it wasn't the first choice, when it was originally designed by Darryl Gates of LAPD, his original name for it was going be "Special Weapons Assault Team", but even in LA's 70's that name was a little too strong and was voted down. They had to come up with something else for SWAT and so "Special Weapon And Tactics" was born.

The following 28 Pics all having P/O or Detective Kenny Driscoll belong on the Central District page, but out of respect for Retired Officer Bill Hackley, we will leave them here.
For some reason, Bill thought they should be on the Eastern page and mistakenly added them to this page. 

Officer Ken Driscoll with his children and Police Commissioner Edward Woods

Officer Ken Driscoll as Macho Man
Courtesy Officer Ken Driscoll
Officer Kenny Driscoll on Patrol
Courtesy Officer Ken Driscoll
In this photo: Officer Ken Driscoll & John Calpin, This was taken shortly after someone pulled a gun on them on North Ave., shaking each other's hand in a glad to be alive situation.
Detective Kenneth Driscoll
Officer Ken Driscoll 10 October 1989 
Not a good day for the BPD 
Officer John Calpin(standing) and Officer Ken Driscoll falling out of the car.

Officer Driscoll was inside the vehicle inventorying under the seat.

When after a long night the two got carried away and started goofing around.


Calpin and Driscoll put this Rookie Plate over Officer George Doxzen's Patrol Car Tag Plate on his 1st night
Officer John Calpin, Officer Ken Driscoll, Scott Bradshaw
Officer Ken Driscoll and Officer Edward Chaney
Detective Kenny Driscoll awards a parking permit to Agent Gregg Tate Secret Service
 Ed Chaney laughing at what Det Driscoll's Detecting looks like n1337134350_30255920_9350.jpg
Officer Ken Driscoll and Officer John Brandt
Officer Danny Grubb and Officer Ken Driscoll
Sometimes Police have to do things like this for the community just to show that we are human
"Together we made a pretty mean pair of two" that was John Calpin's favorite movie line, Calpin and Driscoll made a drug arrest, or two every night for two years straight when they worked Central Sector 3 Midnight shift. Driscoll explained it wasn't hard, 1st we worked Whitelock & Brookfield, then some places on Lennox St. from there we moved down to Division & Laurens, then we got the best of all, we were the first to work 37 post when Central took over Divison & Gold, and Etting & Gold, it didn't take great police work, just a couple of guys trying to have some fun... ...other than that it was like fishing in a barrel

George and John called us the "Good the Bad and the Ugly", George felt he was the Good, John felt he was the Bad, so that left Ken Driscoll with the Ugly... funny how things will work themselves out if you let them... The_Good_The_Ugly_The_Bad.jpg

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
George Trainor, Ken Driscoll, and John Calpin

Officer Ken Driscoll and Officer Edward Chaney show comradely after being involved in a several arrests during a detail in which a suspect struggled to get away and ended up head first in a trash can, before being given a Christmas Card from the dynamic duo, who bought 30-1's sad story about never having received a Christmas card, or gifts for the holiday, He got a card this year and a fixed address so Santa could find him.

Officer Ken Driscoll and Officer Jimmy Eigner

Officer John Calpin, Officer Edward Chaney, and Officer Ken Driscoll
Officer Jim Eigner
Sergeant Randy Dull

In this photo: Janice Peters, Julie Pritchard, Jimmy Eigner, Ken Driscoll, Frank Walters, Col. Sanders, Edward Chaney, Steve McMahon, Sgt Dull, Robin Mullins, Rodger Bergeron, and Danny Mitchell receiving awards and Gold Records from the RIAA

Officer Edward Chaney

In this photo, the technique of surveillance is being demonstrated.

Look as if you are sleeping in a marked car while in reality, you are observing bad guys.

Actually, a staged shot, while waiting to start a special parade detail one officer tricked the other into taking this shot.1991_3300_E_Madison..jpg

Photo courtesy Sergeant Louis Ely
1991 in the 3300 Blk E Madison Street
(L-R) Officer Gerber, Officer M.Cross,Officer Louis Ely, Officer Campbel, Officer K.Perry
Off Donte Preston2
Photo Courtesy Officer Missie Edick

Officer Donte Preston, Eastern District, now Sergeant Donte Preston, an all round nice guy changes a flat tire for a fellow officer, Officer Missie Edick.

Off Donte Preston-1

After changing the tire Officer Preston enjoys a well earned cup of coffee


Missie Edick wedding

Police Commissioner Thomas Frazier with Missie Edict after her graduation from the Police Academy 1995 Below, Officer Robert Brown hugs his daughter with all the pride of a father with her accomplishments and carrying on a family tradition.
Photo courtesy of Officer Missie Edick

Wedding reception of Officer Missie Brown to Officer Edick 1995.

In attendance were: Sergeant Macnamra, Officer Richard Waybright, Sergeant(now Lieutenant) Roussey and his wife and Officer Eric Martin and his wife.

ED Squad

Baltimore’s Eastern District Sector Two Midnight Shift, May 2001.  
From left to right: E. Menzer, M. Vaughn, J. Dolly, J Woollen, Sgt C. Moore, K. Snyder, G. Boyd, P. Moskos, M. Guizzotti. Not in photo: D. Bauer, G. Clinedist, K. Lane, S. Sistek, W.


Light em’ up


BPD provides free transportation and lodging at the gray-bar motel





Officer Ken Lane of the Eastern District

lends a helping hand to a young boy.

Officer Lane proudly served the Baltimore Police Department for 8 years and after being seriously hurt in the Line of Duty was FORCED to retire on a pitiful pension provided by the City of Baltimore.

Ken was one of the fine decent officers who were forced to retire for being hurt while less desirable officers were allowed to remain on the job and receive full salary and benefits.

Thanks Ken for your service to the City of Baltimore.

Ken Lane Badge display2

Kenneth_Lane2.jpg Scott-Retirement.jpg
Front row: Left to Right:  Paul Blair, 3rd from left, Larry
Davis, now a Deputy in Queens Anne's County, Scott Wills, Ray Howard, Paul Davis
Knelling in front: Will Phelps, Joe Johnson
Rear: Tony Petralia, Ken Streets, Unknown Sgt, Sonny Lawson, George McClasky, Gary Starkey, John Dodge, Sgt. Kevin Chubb, John McIntye
 ed 1
A recent reunion of members of the Eastern District
Front Row seated left to right: Gene Wysoki, Howard Stansbury, Nick Caprinolo, John Vesley
Back Row: Don Krebs, Joe Scheck, Rick Riddle, Joe Kleinota, Len Petralia, Jerry Vandermullen, Paul Aires, Bill Bertazon, Gary Starkey
Standing behind Nick & John: Bob Brown, Mike Cassizzi

Any officer ever assigned to the Eastern District is invited to a dinner reunion at Steve's 40 East Restaurant in White Marsh, Maryland.  For more details, contact Retiredofficers, Bob Brown This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tony Petralia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Sgt. Nick Caprinolo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Photo courtesy Det. William Bertazon

Eastern District Retirees 2011 Reunion Breakfast
Photo courtesy Officer Wendy Morton
Officers Aaron Cain, John Robinson, Mike Wilson Sector 1 Midnight Shift
Photo courtesy Officer Wendy Morton
 Officers Cain, Morton, Robinson, Sector 1 Midnight

Officer Morton3
Photo courtesy Officer Wendy Morton
Officers Etting,Jr., Robinson, Heath, Daniels Sector 1 Midnight Shift
Photo courtesy Officer Wendy Morton
Officers Ostrander, Robinson, Cenatus,on a fire call scene, Sector 1, Midnight Shift
Photo courtesy Major John Hess
Major John Hess, Deputy Major Dan Lioi, Colonel Dean Palmere and Lt Tracy Geho (Left to Right).  They are standing at Federal and Broadway in the great Eastern District.
 Date is February 10. 2010 @ 2100 hours.
Officer Erol Etting

Kenneth J. Clark Jr.

Decorated police officer was well known along the Monument Street corridor, dies

August 08, 2010 at age 47


Photo courtesy Officer Leon Taylor

Officer Leon Taylor (left) and Officer David Hare, (right) Eastern District 2010


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Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Deceased Officers and anything that may help Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency. Please contact Retired Detective Kenny Driscoll.

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How to Dispose of Old Police Items

If you come into possession of Police items from an Estate or Death of a Police Officer Family Member and do not know how to properly dispose of these items please contact: Retired Detective Ken Driscoll - Please dispose of POLICE Items: Badges, Guns, Uniforms, Documents, PROPERLY so they won’t be used IMPROPERLY.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sector Map

CD - SE - E - NE - N - NW - W - SW - S

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222

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Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Retired or Deceased Officers and anything that may help us to Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency.
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