For Sale - K&I - Baltimore's Ed Bremmer Espantoon




Modeled After Baltimore's Ed Bremmer Espantoon

Ed Bremmer Espantoon Unfinished 800x600

Comes the way they were issued; Unstained, for just $35.00

Ed Bremmer Espantoon Finished 800x600 Add $10.00 and get it stained for you for just $45.00

Ed Bremmer Espantoon Strap 800x600

And for another $20.00 We'll add a Strap with Swivel for a total of $65.00

This is turned off of patterns, photos, and an original Stick made by Ed Bremmer Espantoon from the 1960's and 70's over the years Ed made some small changes but this was by far one of his best designs. He liked to have a nib on the top of the stick for jabbing, he felt, it was more effective than the average Batters up baseball swing, most people think of when they think of an officer and an Espantoon, the truth be told, the stick was best used for a jab, or arm bars, so these bigger sticks, served a purpose, a purpose of saving lives while defending ourselves as police. These four sticks best show the advancements in design taking one of the oldest methods of self-defense; a stick and converting it to a more effective weapon. When others started turning sticks, we saw a nice evolution of the Espantoon from the late 50's to the late 70's and early 80's from others. Most well known at the time was Carl Hagen, but he was closely followed by Ed Bremmer, and then the most well known and longest lasting of all Joe Hlafka Joe turned sticks from the 1970's until 2007 (nearly 40 years).

Ed Bremmer nightsticks quote

We have built the Perfection Collection, containing all four sticks for $210.00, So as collectors we can see the progression of the Espantoon as it pertained to Baltimore. To be more accurate the Issued Espantoon shouldn't have a swivel, but we know how much we all like to play, and these spin like butter... so smooth we couldn't resist adding a swivel. 

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