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BPD Misc Pics

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Baltimore City Police History 

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While working on putting this page together, a page with Misc police pics, of our brothers and sisters in the field, doing what we do, pics that will help preserve our history, and provide some sort of back-up or assistance to the active officers. My thought was to call it either "Police Paparazzi" or "Paparazzi Police" each having a funny meaning, but Police in front of, or behind the word Paparazzi can give it a different meaning, and still not change the effects of the shot. The added security I or any one of us that stops to take a pic of our brothers in the line of duty, and if need be the on-scene 10-16, as I am sure if the officer needed a back-up we would put down the camera and help. All that said and done, I was talking this over with one of my site developers and design techs; I was a little excited ( I know hard to believe - I get a little excited about police stuff, our history, my time with the BPD and this site..... ) Anyway, I was a little excited, and when I went to say one of these two police/paparazzi/police phrases, and not knowing which should go first, my mouth took over and coined a new phrase, a phrase that I think will be the phrase we are going to use. I called it "Cop-parazzi" a phrase that I fell in love with almost as quickly as I was hearing it. I love how my mind works, it would be nice though if it and my mouth would communicate better... so I  would know what I am thinking before I say it. Sometimes I hear it for the first time, the same time Patty hears it, and that can be dangerous LOL. 

EEE 72

Baltimore Police Historic Society
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Motto Patch Ever On the Watch


Sgt Norman K JacobsSgt. Norman K Jacobs

1950s Pine St station

Bertillion BureauCall BoxMusuem 1Musuem 3

This is nice, I would like to build a display showing our various hats, but have hat devices made to reflect the year said hat was worn, I would like to show our women's police hat (The hat device can't use a year because all Women's badge numbers at the time started with 7000. The Pith Hat, Round hat, Bobby type Helmet, and Six Point Hat. It would make a nice display.

Musuem 4

The horse for this display was said to have been on loan until the owner decided he wanted to start charging, when he was told the department didn't have a budget, he brought a truck and took his horse, or so the story goes.

Musuem 5

Musuem 6

Musuem 8Musuem 9Musuem 10

Musuem 11

Musuem 12Musuem 13

These were nicely made for the times, but since we have better ways of making these kinds of things. Sadly these so poorly made that using them would be a disgrace to our fallen and not an honor to them

Musuem 14

Musuem 15 We bought a few pics from a lady on eBay that bought several of these in a storage locker, she thought the young lady in the pics was a criminal because she was being polygraphed in one shot and either fingerprinted, or standing with uniformed police, but the seller thought she was in trouble. I expsianed she was an officer and the lady felt bad, saying she didn't realize we polygraphed our own.

Musuem 16

Musuem 17

Musuem 18Musuem 19

Musuem 21Mounted patrol at race courseFirst Meter Maid class

The First Ten Meter Maids in Baltimore City
Front Row - Delores Nots, Joan Covert, Sheila McAlee, Shirley Boyley, Elizabeth Aro

Back Row- Betty Erwin, Annie George, Donna Lloyd, Lillian Hartlove, Shirley Kurtz

communication bpd

Teletype Room Baltimore Police Department's Headquarters

Dep Comm

George Adam Smith 2 1890s

George Adam Smith 2 1890s

George Kane

George Proctor Kane

Hostlers at Baltimore and BroadwayMajorMajor Apat kirby may001pat kirby may002police memorial with commissionersdcapt 1swift fatherswift sonTraffic Officer in stand

Driscoll Harrison 2019

26 June 2019 Meeting with Commissioner Harrison

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Taken in Central
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22 Jan 2015 Batts Hyatt 72

LT Col Melissa R. Hyatt - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll - Commissioner Anthony Batts
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John Calpin, Ed Chaney Kenny Driscoll

Pistol match BPD team at sparrows point

L to R to Bernie , Joe Beckhart, David Echoles, next 2 unk, Lewendowski (don’t remember which one)... seated   L to R  Charlie Cumberledge, Joe Fosler, Sam Torres , George Capp... on the table were the trophies THESE MEN had won up to that point in the contest... As an interesting side note, many of our shooters were paid to endore various ammo types, guns etc. 
Sparrows Point Police Department used to sponsor a pistol match that drew police from all over the country... It was a nice outing... shooters could take their family, it was a picnic type atmosphere... They had to stop, from what they were told, was due to the Sparrows Point Country Club and their complaints of the noise...


Courtesy Bernie Wehage


Courtesy Bernie Wehage 


The Baltimore Sun Sat Jun 20 1908 72Reported - 20 June 1908
BPD Graffittii72

Central Police

CD the Pot

Courtesy Bernie Wehage 

28F16 001d 72

Baltimore was the first department in the country to officialy use fingerprinting to print an arrestee when on 6 Nov 1904  Sgt. Casey, chief of the local Bureau of Identification officially printed  John Randles, a suspect being held on a theft charge. 
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Courtesy Kevin Jones

6481Courtesy Kevin Jones


Courtesy Kevin Jones

The Baltimore Sun Sat Jun 20 1908 172Reported 20 June 1908

Jerry 72

Motto - Prototype
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

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 ADD4362 Edit 2

 ADD4577 Edit 2 ADD4593 Edit 2Calvin McCleese095wagon
Ever On the Watch 72
Ever on the Watch Motto Flag
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

 ADD4621 Edit 2
Line of Duty Thin Blue Line 72

Thin Blue Line - Line of Duty Injury Flag
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

1966 how times have changed 900

Sgt Lieutenant Violet Hill Whyte

Central Distict September 1988. Mt. Royal and OliverCentral District MCU May 1997 900 blk. W. Fayette Street Motto Flag EEE 72
Blue City Flag - Full Motto
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

PO Janice Sauble Central District September 1988. Mt. Royal and Oliver0

We didn't think this was us (BPD) and still don't, aside from the look of the badges and hat devices 
The officer with the nightstick isn't holding it like a Baltimore officer. This in our opinion is not Baltimore Police, but the pic is good to show even in the old days, Baltimore police held their Espantoon one way, and everyone else held their nightsticks another.

The Baltimore Sun Sun Nov 20 1960 4aThis is how we hold our stick, (it's not a handle, it's a burl-head/barrel-head)
It is what makes a nightstick in anyone else's hands an Espantoon in ours
6th MA Regiment fighting through Baltimore MD 18611982 AMC Concord DL
Our Fallen Thin Blue Line 72

Thin Blue Line - Our Heroes Flag
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

the Squad 19962206 1043689615958 474 nweb newcent cdp gamewell call box ca1910 aOur Injured 72

Blue City Flag - Line of Duty Injury

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 Out Fallen 72
Blue City Flag - Our Fallen Heroes Flag
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

1940s BPD Officers with Auxillary Officers72

100 5114 copy72

100 5112 copy72


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Thin Blue LIne EEE Motto 72
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll

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Thin Blue Line Ever on the Watch 72
Thin Blue Line - Short Motto Flag
Designed by Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll
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 Police Taxi license 1950 front

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Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Deceased Officers and anything that may help Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency. Please contact Retired Detective Kenny Driscoll.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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City Hall Hinge



How to Dispose of Old Police Items

If you come into possession of Police items from an Estate or Death of a Police Officer Family Member and do not know how to properly dispose of these items please contact: Retired Detective Ken Driscoll - Please dispose of POLICE Items: Badges, Guns, Uniforms, Documents, PROPERLY so they won’t be used IMPROPERLY.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Devider color with motto

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222

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Copies of: Baltimore Police Department class photos, pictures of officers, vehicles, equipment, newspaper articles relating to our department. Also wanted Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, Hot Sheets Reports, and or Brochures. Information on retired or deceased officers, fallen or injured officers and anything that may help us to preserve the history and proud traditions of this agency.
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