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city of baltimore 1800s2
This image was the letterhead the department used in the late 1800's and early 1900's

Baltimore City Police History
"Ever on the Watch"

** Many Thanks to all who have helped to make this site possible..... Many officers, friends, and family members of our officers have contributed donations, information, articles and pictures to help tell our history, and we truly appreciate their time, efforts and support without it this site wouldn't be what it is today. We will help keep this site up and running for both our Department, it's history and all the hard work Police Officer Bill Hackley put into it. Bill is gone, but will never be forgotten, as he is "Ever on the Watch"

The City of Baltimore

The Baltimore Police Department

Sgt Randy Dull

P/O Kathy Irwin Conrad

P/O John Hiederman 

P/O Mark Frank

Captain Simon J Avara

Sergeant Robert “Bob” Fisher

Police Agent Jackie Barbour

Officer Raymond Staniewski

Officer Richard “Dick” Busch

Lieutenant James Kelly

Lieutenant Bruce Green

Detective Les Stickles

Officer Robert “Bobby” Brown

Auxiliary Major Jim Derreth

Former BPD Officer Ira Roth (WD)

Officer Kenneth Lane

Officer Mike DeBord & his wife

BPD Photo Supervisor Bob Smith

Jeannie Baumgart, Sister of Officer Norman Buchman

Martha Wood, wife of Flight Officer Barry Wood

The Officer Down Memorial & Chris Cosgriff

Family of Retired Sergeant William Vinup

Chief Kenneth Mclaughlin, Ocean View,De. Police Dept.
Trooper 1/C Gregory Brooks

Steve Rosenstock, Police Memorabilia Collector

Leslie Gabler, Musical Director Messiah Methodist Church

Richard Johnson, family of Officers Augustus Johnson, Joseph Johnson, and Issac Jackson  (If you have any information on his family contact) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Family of Retired Officer John H Strack

Officer Ed Litzinger

Sergeant Nick Caprinolo

Officer Gary Provenzano

Detective Bob Jansen

Officer Lawrence D Merrifield

Lieutenant Tim Black Howard Co. PD &

Tom Black, sons of Sergeant Tom Black, K-9

Detective Brian Schwaab

Sergeant Doug Schwaab

Officer William Garmer

Major Robert DiStefano

BPD Supervisor Teddi DiStefano

Sergeant William Stone

Officer Paul Serio

The family of Officer James Kinsella, Margaret Ingram, his great-granddaughter, and her children, Bruce Ingram and Susan Ingram."

Sergeant Ed Mattson

Officer Dave Eastman

Officer William Painter

Joseph Gutierrez, son of Lt. Francis Gutierrez

Major John Long

Officer Frank Napfel

Detective Leonard A. Willis Sr.

Officer Norman Jackson

Steven Jett, family of Sgt. Edwin Bullock

Officer Paul J. Williams

Lisa Elliott, Paramedic

The Sun Paper

The University of Baltimore

Officer Bill Bertazon

Officer Tony Petralia

Detective Al Lipa

Agent Leonard Podgorski

Police Commissioner Ed Norris

The Examiner

Richard N. Elliott (SWD)... Commander, Administrative Bureau, Gaithersburg Police Department

Joe Peightel, grandson of Officer Charles Ernest

Officer James McCartin

Officer Norman Cutsail

Officer Wilbert Bartels

Sergeant Bernie Wehedge

Officer John Weber, Baltimore County Police Dept.

Officer Ernest Elliott

Officer Joe Wiczulis

Sergeant Donald F. Kramer, Sr.

Officer Kenneth Hayden

Detective Melvin Howell

Officer James Fisher(Ret. BPD) Sgt. Carroll Co. Sheriff's Office

Officer Missie (Brown) Edick

Denise DePasquale (Daughter of Officer Timothy Ridenour)

Sergeant George T. Owens, Sr.

Cindy Stickline-Rose, daughter of Officer Wm. Stickline

OfficerJohn Emrick

Officer Art Erdman (Baltimore Co. PD)

Mrs. Barb (Wolfe) Bossells

Randell Zaloudek

Trudy Bowers

Katie Kuipers

Theresa M. (Guerin) Dowdy

Mrs. Helen Martin 

Mrs. Sandra Aman

Officer Donald Myers BPD Officer, Chief of Police Taneytown & Manchester

Thomas Bolvari, grandson of Deputy Commissioner Thomas J. Keys

Officer Ray Unger

Officer Mike Caplan

Sergeant David Munyan

Sergeant Jose Rosado

Officer Herb Moseley

Trudy Bowers

Sergeant Bill Gordon

Officer Don DeWar

Officer Orlando Quiles

Lieutenant Tom Douglas

Sergeant John Sharp

Officer John Brazil

Ret. Detective Ken Driscoll
Mrs. Patty Driscoll

Sergeant Henry Wagstaff

Wally Brenton

Deputy Major Dan Lioi

Lieutenant Therman Reed

John W. McGrain, Jr.

Agent James S. Segeda

Mrs. Edith Robinson

Jennifer Rollhauser

Lieutenant Joe Key

Rachel Lynch

Andy DePaola

Raymond K. Miles Jr.

Paul Bouthner, Jr.

Major Antonio Rodriquez

Officer Kenneth Schiminger

Officer Tom Bailey

Officer Terry L. Miller

Bill Manzke

Nancy Cook

Betty (Wilhelm) Mooney

Nancy Crane-Bentz

Mike Kearney

Officer William Hough

Detective Raymond E. Wilson

Officer Brian S. Weber

Agent Robert Jud

Police Agent Alan E. Small

Officer Bill Edgar

Mrs. Christina Bohli

Det. Robert Ross

Det. Michael Hansen

Mrs. Linda Hresko

Lieutenant Jack Spicer

Lieut. Janet Ensor, Baltimore Co. Police Dept.

Captain Vince Maas, Carroll Co. Sheriff's Office

Officer Joe Dugan

Lieutenant Robert Oros

Officer William Roberts

Lieutenant Emmett Jones

Mrs. Elaine Honeycutt

Officer Roxanne Cotton

James Redding

James Robertson

Johnny Brandt

Lieutenant Doug Baumgarten

Detective Charlie Smoot

Officer Brian W. Beauchamp

Sergeant Louis Ely

Sergeant Schuyler Denham

Lt. Gerard DeManss

Patrick J. Byrne

Officer Mike Caplan

Sergeant Carlos Vila

Deputy Commissioner William Rochford

Detective J.T. Brown

Bob Poist

Rhonda Owens

Sgt. Steve Krause

Officer Larry Austin

Sgt. Donald Daugherty

Sister Anne M. O'Donnell

Sgt. Earl LeBron

Officer Leroy Smith

Officer Doug Womack

Officer Robert Trimper

Officer William Stanley

Mr. Bill Manzke

Mrs. Jane Hammen

Mrs. Karen L. Kidd

Officer Lou Trimper

Albert (Al) Kirwan

Mrs. Karen Kidd

Officer Bill Shiflett

Kennenth M. Carter

Sergeant John Ambrose

Officer Jim Mitchell

Detective Lou Trimper

Sergeant John Dillon

Mrs. Julie Melocik

Officer John Magrogan

Lieutenant Robert Wilson

Pat Pilling

Sergeant Juan Rodriquez

Sergeant Linda Rodriquez

Officer Leon Taylor

Officer Thomas Linton

Officer John Chambers

Mrs. Michelle Moebius

Bill Roberts

Ret Sgt Ted Miller

Richard Long

Johnny Heiderman 

Dick Busch
Kevin Archer (Code 3 Products)

Mike Barnes
Officer Howard Smith
Sgt Jay Wiley
A donation 
was made in the name of Ret. Lt. William B Miller - RIP Lieutenant and thanks for your service
Toni Furlong
Jim Mitchell
Ray Weatley
David Eastman
Donald Chase
Sam Walters (Cop Shop)
Jeff McCleese
Timothy Liberto
Len O'Connor Sr.
Edward Weitzel
Robert Weitzel
Brian Shea
Joseph O'Keefe (donation of 1940'/50's style radio)
Ethan McLeod Baltimore FishBowl

Devider color with motto
Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.

Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or contact us for a mailing address

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Copies of: Baltimore Police Department class photos, pictures of officers, vehicles, equipment, newspaper articles relating to our department. Also wanted Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, Hot Sheets Reports, and or Brochures. Information on retired or deceased officers, fallen or injured officers and anything that may help us to preserve the history and proud traditions of this agency.
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