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Support Our Baltimore Police

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Support Our Baltimore Police 

To show support for our Baltimore Police the "Support For Baltimore PD" page was started on Facebook, the organizer of that page also obtained permits, and lined up a rally to show out support for Baltimore City Police... this rally was held on 30 May 2015, and had a turnout of between 200 and 250 people, all peacefully marching to show their respect, and support for our Police. I almost didn’t make it, we had wheelchair problems when a shock went out, but I srill managed to drive to City Hall, and get a spot close enough that I could be a part of the rally, it allowed me to see some of my close friends that are retired and still active. What follows are some of the pics Patty took and we hope to add other pics, that others took, along with what the media had to say.



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Courtesy Eric Hinson

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More to come as pics are given to us


Supporters of Police Rally in Front of Baltimore City Hall

 Pro-police rally

People organized as "Stand Up for Baltimore City Police" rallied Saturday at noon and marched from city hall to Police Headquarters to show their support for police.

Baltimore resident London Stuckey (right) and others, confront the group "Stand Up for Baltimore City Police" (left) as they rallied today at city hall. There was a brief encounter before police intervened.

Kwame Rose, 21, (left) from Baltimore is photographed while giving an officer a lecture. He and others were there as a counter rally. People organized as "Stand Up for Baltimore City Police" rallied today at noon and marched from city hall to Police Headquarters.

Julie Gomez, (left) 50, the wife of a Western District Baltimore Police Officer and Tyrone Walker, (right) 30, from Baltimore, talk civilly to each other. People organized as "Stand Up for Baltimore City Police" rallied today at city hall where they were met with counter-protesters. It was a peaceful protest/counter-protest.

Col. Darryl D. DeSousa, the Baltimore City Police Department's chief of patrol, takes a moment to photograph the participants of the pro-police rally. People organized as "Stand Up for Baltimore City Police" rallied today at noon and marched from city hall to Police Headquarters.

Top Baltimore cop on pro-police demonstration at City Hall: “It's a breath of fresh air for us.”

Screaming, accusations — and the odd moment of understanding — at “blue lives matter”

Some 150 supporters of the Baltimore Police Department marched in the sweltering midday heat Saturday and chanted "Blue lives matter" in front of City Hall, at a time when officers say they are facing unfair scrutiny as they try to do their jobs.

Terry Bowman, 59, said she had seen her husband, a member of the Harford County sheriff's office, get hurt during the unrest that swept Baltimore in April after the death of Freddie Gray.

"I'm here to show respect," she said. "I'm here to show that I feel strongly."

Police morale sank after six officers were charged in connection with the death of the 25-year-old Gray, who suffered fatal injuries after being arrested in April and transported to the Western District station. On Thursday the police union said in a statement that its members fear being held criminally responsible even if they take steps to enforce the law in good faith.

Amid lingering tension and plummeting arrest rates, violence has spiked across the city, and in May 40 people have been killed in Baltimore, the deadliest month since 1990. Many of the demonstrators questioned why those deaths have not attracted the same level of outrage as Gray's.

Bob Frisch, 60, a retired city police sergeant who wore his badge on a neck chain, said the only way to overcome crime is for police to work closely with the community and if officers feel empowered to take guns out of the hands of criminals.

"There's a real concern among the active duty that any action they take might be second-guessed," Frisch said.

For the most part, the demonstrators spoke in general terms about wanting to support the difficult job police are asked to do. But some held signs showing support for the officers charged in Gray's death — they face a range of charges, including second-degree murder and manslaughter — and one poster read "#saveoursix."

Col. Darryl D. DeSousa, the department's chief of patrol, greeted the demonstrators at the end of the rally and was cheered on when he posed for photographs with them. He said that police morale is starting to recover and that events like Saturday's demonstration will help.

A breath of fresh air for us," he said, as demonstrators posed for a group photo behind him. Officers "see stuff like this, it motivates them."

A smaller group of about a dozen people held a counter-demonstration at the edge of the City Hall plaza. When they first arrived, the two groups clashed, yelling in one another's faces until police intervened. The two groups screamed at one another for the next two hours but remained peaceful — a detachment of body-armored police remained with their van and mostly out of sight.

The demonstrators in support of police, many of whom said they had relatives who are officers, marched around the square but would linger in front of the counter-protest on its south side. Brian Forster, 35, stopped to blare a chant of "Blue lives matter" through a megaphone and from the street another man let his motorbike engine roar, drowning out all other sound.

Julie Gomez, 50, one of the organizers of the rally and the wife of a Western District officer, approached some of the opposing protesters and was able to find some common ground, agreeing that more should be done to improve the lives of people in the city's poorest neighborhoods.

"I have the utmost respect for them," Gomez said. "We have to get services to them."

But Gary Johnson, 28, one of the people Gomez had been talking to, said in an interview that it was disrespectful for supporters of the police to appropriate the popular "Black lives matter" protest slogan.

"Officers haven't been killed in Baltimore," he said. "Their fraternity is a profession, it's not a culture or a race of people."

Eventually the counter-rally dispersed, leaving the square to the police and their supporters. And at the invitation of the demonstration's organizers, the officers who had been assigned to the protest squeezed in together for a smiling group photo.

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